DG Biz Restaurant Point of Sale Solution
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Setup Cashier Stations in minutes and

Process Customer Orders with speed and efficiency!

Why lose thousands of dollars every week through untracked sales? Why waste precious time trying to track and consolidate your sales, when you can at the touch of a button view convenient sales reports? With DG Biz Restaurant you can do this and much more!

DG Biz Restaurant is Point of Sale software application that was designed to meet the needs of restaurants and food vendors and includes features to handle 'home delivery orders'. The software is very scalable and can be configured to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. The cashier's user interface is very easy to use and facilitates fast processing of customer tax invoices.

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Businesses Already Using this software include:

Royal Castle Guyana Inc
(All 6 Outlets)

Aagman Indian Restaurant

La Chaluer Private Bar

Spicy Dish

Ready Salads

New York Chicken & Grill (Grove Public Rd.)

Java Coffee Bar

Rio Inn Restaurant & Bar

DG Biz Restaurant Main Features
  • Very Easy to use. Touch Screen Ready for the Operators
  • Fast Processing of Customer Orders and Invoices
  • Fully multi user, with three different security levels (User Roles). Can be set up in a networked client-server environment or as a standalone system.
  • Secure for multiple users. Strong user name / password combinations can be set, and security restrictions are implemented on each security level.
  • Supports in-store and call-in (delivery) orders. Prints out customer contact information and directions for delivery personnel, and stores customer contact information for future orders
  • Easy to use on spot discount feature by manager / supervisor
  • Simple intuitive report generation, with easy to set (point and click) filter options. Generates 11 different reports.
  • Reliable local technical support and customization readily available
  • Affordably priced